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TGJ4M Communications Technology

University / College Prep.

Ministry of Education Course Title: Communications Technology, Grade 12, University/College Preparation

Course Code: TGJ4M                  

Grade Level: 12

Prerequisite: Communications Technology, Grade 11, University/College Preparation

Department: Technological Education

Course Description:

This course enables students to further develop media knowledge and skills while designing and producing projects in the areas of live, recorded, and graphic communications. Students may work in the areas of TV, video, and movie production; radio and audio production; print and graphic communications; photography; digital imaging; broadcast journalism; and interactive new media. Students will also expand their awareness of environmental and societal issues related to communications technology, and will investigate career opportunities and challenges in a rapidly changing technological environment.

Total Time: 110 hours

Course Content

Unit 1 Communications Technology Fundamentials

A1. demonstrate an understanding of advanced concepts, techniques, and skills required to produce a range of communications media products and services;
A2. describe different types of equipment and software and explain how they are used in creating communications media products;
A3. demonstrate an understanding of technical terminology, scientific concepts, and mathematical concepts used in communications technology, and apply them to the creation of media products;
A4. demonstrate an understanding of and apply the interpersonal and communications skills necessary to work in a team environment.

Unit 2 Communications Technology Skills

B1. apply project management techniques to the planning and development of communications media projects;
B2. apply a design process or other problem-solving processes or strategies to meet a range of challenges in communications technology;
B3. create products or productions that demonstrate competence in the application of creative and technical skills and incorporate current and evolving standards, processes, formats, and technologies.

Unit 3 Technology, The Environment, and Society

C1. analyse the environmental impact of recent advances in communications technology, and describe ways of reducing harmful effects;
C2. demonstrate an understanding of the effects of communications technology and media activities on society and cultural diversity

Unit 4 Professional Practice and Career Opportunities

D1. demonstrate an understanding of and apply safe work practices when performing communications technology tasks;
D2. demonstrate an understanding of and adhere to legal requirements and ethical practices relating to the communications technology industry;
D3. demonstrate an understanding of career opportunities and career development in a rapidly changing technological environment, and maintain a portfolio of their work as evidence of their qualifications for future education and employment.

Unit 5 Culminating Project

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