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BBI2O Introduction to Business Studies

Open Course

Ministry of Education Course Title: Introduction to Business Studies, Grade 10, Academic

Course Code: BBI2O                  

Grade Level: 10

Prerequisite: None

Department: Business

Course Description:

This course introduces students to the world of business. Students will develop an understanding of business fundamentals and the functions of business, including accounting, marketing, information and communication technology, human resources, and production, and of the importance of ethics and social responsibility. Furthermore, students will gain an understanding of personal finance and entrepreneurship and apply skills associated with these topics. This course builds a foundation for further studies in business and helps students develop the business knowledge and skills they will need in their everyday lives.

Course Content


This unit will explore the nature of businesses and their varied structures. A discussion on how businesses arrive at economic decisions using available resources through understanding the needs and wants of consumers will be examined. The social and ethical responsibility of businesses will also play a pivotal role in this unit; students will analyze ethical dilemmas and unethical decisions of real-life companies. Students will also learn about the different types of International Business structures, as well as the potential benefits and costs of International Business. International trade, particularly Canada’s trade agreements and major trading partners, will also be discussed in this unit. Finally, International Business culture and etiquette will also be explored in the unit.


In this unit students will explore the dimensions of personal finance including income sources, budgeting, financial planning and the use of credit. Various financial literacy topics will be covered. Through this exploration, students will identify educational requirements to achieve the level of income desired; examine work and employability skills to ensure personal growth and development; and examine financial goals and the strategies to achieve them. Some of the assessment tasks for this unit include having students do a personal inventory of their own skills, goals, and aspirations in life and subsequently analyzing their own personal financial future based on these.


This unit will introduce students to current issues affecting businesses. The role of production, human resources, and management in business success is highlighted. Throughout the course students encounter discussion topics where they will post their ideas and respond to those of their classmates. Relevant topics such as the role of management and the rights of employees are all explored through a variety of lessons and activities. This unit will introduce students to the world of marketing in businesses, with a particular emphasis on 21st century marketing techniques and trends. Students will have the opportunity to develop their own advertising for a specific product/event as well learn of various marketing research techniques, with a focus on developing surveys. In this unit, students will learn to differentiate between the basic accounting terms of assets, liabilities, and owners’ equity. Additionally, they will encounter business plans, balance sheets and income statements for an introductory look at important tools and procedures with regards to the field of accounting.


This unit allows students to discover the meaning of entrepreneurship and identify characteristics and skills demonstrated by entrepreneurs. Students will research a variety of entrepreneurs and analyze their own entrepreneurial strengths and skills. Students develop an understanding of how opportunities are identified, and ventures created. Special emphasis is placed on inventions and innovations, as students will research a successful Canadian company.

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