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University / College Prep.

Ministry of Education Course Title:  FOOD AND CULTURE, Grade 11, University/College Preparation

Course Code: HFC3M    

Grade Level: 11

Prerequisite: None

Department: Social Studies & Humanities

Course Description:

This course focuses on the flavours, aromas, cooking techniques, foods, and cultural traditions of world cuisines. Students will explore the origins of and developments in diverse food traditions. They will demonstrate the ability to cook with ingredients and equipment from a variety of cultures, compare food-related etiquette in many countries and cultures, and explain how Canadian food choices and traditions have been influenced by other cultures. Students will develop practical skills and apply social science research methods while investigating foods and food practices from around the world.


Unit 1 Culture, Foods & Food Practice

This unit focuses on getting the students aware of the background of the evolution of food and how different cultures and traditions have been part of it.

Unit 2 Foods & Flavours

Students in this unit will focus on the dynamics of food and will explore foods and flavours of foods.

Unit 3 Food-Preparation Skills

This unit will equip the students with vital and foundational knowledge that will allow them to make a transition to practical cooking easily.

Unit 4 Culminating Project

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