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Fee structure for Transcript


A student’s transcript is an official copy of their academic record and contains a summary of their academic activities at Outstanding International Academy at Ontario Secondary. The official transcript is certified by the Ministry of Education Ontario. Outstanding International Academy is pleased to offer the official transcript in both an electronic (eTranscript) and paper format.

Documents issued through OIA are certified, official and can be securely shared with other educational institutions, and other third parties. You must place the order “share credits” at a cost of $15-95 (depends on where the document deliver to) to share your transcripts.

When ordering transcripts, please keep in mind the following:
You don’t need to order transcripts thru OIA if you have applied for university in Ontario. Your grades automatically appear on your OUAC student profile and will be used when University / College review your application.


OSSD Diploma

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) is a diploma granted to secondary school graduates in the Canadian province of Ontario. It is part of the publicly-funded province-wide school system. It is awarded to all students who complete the Ontario education curriculum, including students in Special Education, the TOPS program, MaCS program, IB Program, and other focused secondary school programs.


CAD$20 per transcript/OSSD Diploma mailing to Ontario (Canada post mailing included in the price)
CAD$30 per transcript/OSSD Diploma mailing to Canada (Canada post mailing included in the price)
CAD$50 per transcript/OSSD Diploma mailing to US (Canada post mailing included in the price)
CAD$95 per transcript/OSSD Diploma mailing to around World Wide (Canada post mailing included in the price)

Processing & Delivery Times

Typically processed and delivered within Canada
3 - 5 days
Us and World wide typically processed and delivered
10 - 15 days

Payment Options

EMI from Banks

Bank Cheque

International wire transfer

EMT from Banks


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