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Passport to Air Communication

OIA’s Aviation English program focuses students on getting ready for the intensive and concentrated understanding of Air Communication in English.Please review our syllabus and other attached course material for a peak at the comprehensiveness of our AEC4U Oral Communication courses. They are developed and created with one end in mind: the proficiency of future CFA Aviation students.

The Modules in the OIA Aviation English Program are unlocked once students have developed and achieved oral communication proficiency.


Modules in OIA Aviation English Program

OIA’s Aviation English Program focuses on this end goal, preparing future CFA students for a future career in international piloting.

Introduction to Air Communication

From ALPHA and BRAVO to WHISKEY and ZULU, our students are immersed into the lingo and vocabulary used daily in Air Communication. An important component of the Aviation English program is to develop student phonics in terms of how a word is pronounced, establishing the sounds of it and not only what it means.

University Placement
Modules Specific Focuses

OIA Aviation students are focused on completing modules designed to graduate them from one comprehensive and practical application of Aviation English to the next. Throughout each set of modules, courses and program, the aim is to develop and sustain students' understanding and versatility in terms of Aviation English terminology and vocabulary.

Ground Movements

This module splits itself into conceptualizing Airport Layouts and Markings and Signals on the one hand and practically expanding on the real daily communication errors that can occur in a variety of situations. These include:

Emergencies happen, but so too human and pilot errors from which it is incumbent pilots learn in order to avoid the same in the future. Consequently, students learn to distinguish errors in communication that revolve around a variety of real life situations and scenarios.

Incursions on the Runway

In Canada, 3 runway incursions a day is common. This is a scary situation in which lives are at risk. Pilots have a huge responsibility in avoiding these. This module focuses on several processes and procedures to avoid runway incursions.

Environmental Threats

What is commonly referred to as turbulence can be caused by a variety of factors. These are not the only factors classified as environmental threats in flying. This module dig deep into:

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