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MCV4U Calculus and Vectors

University Prep.

Ministry of Education Course Title: Calculus and Vectors, University Preparation Preparation

Course Code: MCV4U                  

Grade Level: 12

Prerequisite: MHF4U

Department: Mathematics

Course Description:

This course builds on students’ previous experience with functions and their developing understanding of rates of change. Students will solve problems involving geometric and algebraic representations of vectors and representations of lines and planes in three dimensional space; broaden their understanding of rates of change to include the derivatives of polynomial, sinusoidal, exponential, rational, and radical functions; and apply these concepts and skills to the modelling of real-world relationships. Students will also refine their use of the mathematical processes necessary for success in senior mathematics. This course is intended for students who choose to pursue careers in fields such as science, engineering, economics, and some areas of business, including those students who will be required to take a university-level calculus, linear algebra, or physics course.

Overall Curriculum Expectation - all units are interrelated

Unit 1 Rate of Change

  • Investigating Instantaneous Rate of Change at a Point

  • Investigating the Properties of Derivatives

Unit 2 Derivatives and their Applications

  • Connecting Graphs and Equations of Functions and Their Derivatives

  • Solving Problems Using Mathematical Models and Derivatives

Unit 3 Geometry and Algebra of Vectors

  • Operating With Vectors
  • Describing Lines and Planes Using Scalar, Vector, and Parametric Equations Calculus and Vectors, Grade 12 University Preparation MCV4U

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