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SNC4M Science

University / College Prep.

Ministry of Education Course Title: Science, Grade 12,University/College Preparation

Course Code: SNC4M                  

Grade Level: 12

Prerequisite: Science, Grade 10, Academic, or any Grade 11 university, university/college,
or college preparation course in science

Department: Science

Course Description:

This course enables students, including those pursuing postsecondary programs outside the sciences, to increase their understanding of science and contemporary social and environmental issues in health-related fields. Students will explore a variety of medical technologies, pathogens and disease, nutritional science, public health issues, and biotechnology. The course focuses on the theoretical aspects of the topics under study and helps refine students’ scientific investigation skills.

Total Time: 110 hours

Course Content

Unit 1 Scientific Investigation Skills and Career Exploration

A1. demonstrate scientific investigation skills (related to both inquiry and research) in the four areas of skills (initiating and planning, performing and recording, analysing and interpreting, and communicating);
A2. identify and describe careers related to the fields of science under study, and describe the contributions of scientists, including Canadians, to those fields.

Unit 2 Medical Technologies

B1. assess the impact of medical technologies and therapies, both conventional and alternative, used to diagnose and treat human health conditions;
B2. investigate the uses of, and analyse the information provided by, a variety of medical technologies;
B3. demonstrate an understanding of the function and use of a variety of medical technologies and the information they provide about the human body.

Unit 3 Pathogens and Disease

C1. evaluate the impact of scientific and technological knowledge and individual behaviour on the control of pathogens and the prevention of disease;
C2. investigate the nature and growth of pathogens and the effectiveness of measures intended to prevent their spread;
C3. demonstrate an understanding of pathogens, the diseases they cause, and ways of controlling their spread.

Unit 4 Nutritional Science

D1. assess how personal and societal factors affect eating behaviours, and evaluate the social and economic impact of the use of non-nutrient food additives;
D2. investigate chemical components of and energy in food, and the processes by which food is digested;
D3. demonstrate an understanding of chemical components of and energy in food, and the processes by which food is digested.

Unit 5 Science and Public Health Issues

E1. assess the impact of scientific research, technological advances, and government initiatives on public health;
E2. investigate various strategies related to contemporary public health issues;
E3. demonstrate an understanding of major public health issues, past and present.

Unit 6 Biotechnology

F1. analyse a variety of social, ethical, and legal issues related to applications of biotechnology in the health, agricultural, or environmental sector;
F2. investigate various techniques used in biotechnology and how they are applied in the food industry and the health and agricultural sectors;
F3. demonstrate an understanding of biological processes related to biotechnology and of applications of biotechnology in the health, agricultural, and environmental sectors.

Unit 7 Culminating Project

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