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EWC4C The Writer’s Craft

College Prep.

Ministry of Education Course Title: The Writer’s Craft, Grade 12, College

Course Code: EWC4C                  

Grade Level: 12

Prerequisite: English, Grade 11, College Preparation

Department: English

Course Description:

This course emphasizes knowledge and skills related to the craft of writing. Students will investigate models of effective writing; use a workshop approach to write a variety of works; and make considered decisions for improving the quality of their writing. They will also complete a creative or analytical independent study project and investigate opportunities for publication and for writing careers.

Total Time: 110 hours

Course Content

Unit 1 Investigating Writing

  1. Writing, Writers, and the Writing Life: demonstrate an understanding of writing as an art, a craft, and a career as they explore the work of a variety of Canadian and international writers.

Unit 2 Practicing Writing

  1. Exploring Ideas, Forms, and Styles: generate and experiment with ideas about writing content, forms, and styles;
  2. Drafting and Revising: organize, draft, and revise their writing, employing forms and stylistic elements appropriate for their purpose and audience;
  3. Editing, Proofreading, and Publishing: use editing, proofreading, and publishing skills and strategies to refine and polish their work;
  4. Collaborative Writing: collaborate in the writing process with peers by generating ideas, responding to peers’ work, and assessing peers’ work in a workshop setting.

Unit 3 Reflecting on Writing

  1. Metacognition: identify their strengths as writers and areas where they could improve, and assess the growth and development of their own writing style.

Unit 4 Culminating Project

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