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Ministry of Education Course Title: Simplified Chinese, Grade 12, Academic

Course Code: LKBDU            

Grade Level: 12

Prerequisite:LKBCU, Grade 11 Simplified Chinese or Assessment Test

Department:International Language


Course Description:

This course provides extended opportunities for students to communicate and interact in mandarin in a variety of social and academic contexts. Students will refine and enhance their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, as well as their creative and critical thinking skills, as they explore and respond to a variety of oral and written texts, including complex authentic and adapted texts. They will also broaden their understanding of China, Chinese history, and Chinese culture and develop skills necessary for lifelong language learning. communication skills, ethics, and social responsibility are also emphasized.

Overall Curriculum Expectation - all units are interrelated

Unit 1 Chinese Culture

  • In this unit, students will be encouraged to deeply explore Chinese culture, including historical stories of Chinese festivals, the four great inventions of Ancient China, and the timing method in Ancient China. With a better understanding of China, Chinese history, and Chinese culture, students will build up greater cultural confidence, and it will further benefit them in multicultural communication. 

Unit 2 Critical Reading

  • In this unit, students will be encouraged to read and appreciate the Chinese articles, friction, and novels by using critical thinking. Rhetoric and literary genre will be introduced to students. All the reading tasks in class will be mainly focused on three famous Chinese pieces of literature. More reading and video materials will be given to students for extra learning under this topic. After this unit, students will have the ability to read and understand Chinese literature.

Unit 3 Critical Thinking and Writing

  • In this unit, students will be encouraged to think and write critically and independently. The concepts of critical thinking and independent thinking will be introduced to students. To enhance students’ thinking and writing skills, a famous Chinese writer and his literature will be brought to them during the class. By the end of the class, there will be a writing task to assess the learning progress of all the students.

Unit 4 Fantastic China

  • In this unit, students will be encouraged to learn more about China both historically and geographically.Various Chinese famous attractions will be introduced to students. These interesting places and stories will enhance the understanding of the knowledge they learned from the previous units

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