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SVN3E Environmental Science

Ministry of Education Course Title: Environmental Science, Grade 11, Workplace

Course Code: SNV3E                  

Grade Level: 11

Prerequisite: SNC1D or SNC1L or SNC1P or SNC2L

Department: Science

Course Description:

This course provides students with the fundamental knowledge of and skills relating to environmental science that will help them succeed in work and life after secondary school. Students will explore a range of topics, including the impact of human activities on the environment; human health and the environment; energy conservation; resource science and management; and safety and environmental responsibility in the workplace. Emphasis is placed on relevant, practical applications and current topics in environmental science, with attention to the refinement of students’ literacy and mathematical literacy skills as well as the development of their scientific and environmental literacy

Overall Curriculum Expectation - all units are interrelated

Unit 1 Human Impact on the Environment

  • This unit will focus on getting the students familiar with the relationship of human activities and the environment and how are the two connected.

Unit 2 Human Health & The Environment

  • In this unit, students will understand how are humans affected by the processes of the environment. They will explore options of preventing harm and keeping safe.

Unit 3 Energy Conservation

  • The focus of this unit is to allow the students to gain knowledge about the concept of energy and its features.

Unit 4 Natural Resource Science & Management

  • This unit will get the students aware of the resources and their management. As resource management is vital for efficient use, students will be able to grasp the concept.

Unit 5 The Safe & Environmentally Responsible Workplace

  • This unit focuses on the working conditions and environment. Students will learn some foundational concepts that will aid them to excel.

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