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PPL3O Healthy Active Living, Grade 11

Ministry of Education Course Title: Grade 11 Healthy Active Living

Course Code: PPL3O                  

Grade Level: 11

Prerequisite: None

Department: Health and Physical Education

Course Description:

The development of sound learning skills is essential to the success of our students. Teachers and students will work together to understand and further the development of the students’ learning skills in the areas of initiative, work habits, organization, teamwork and independent work. At Canterbury students who earn a place on the honour roll must exhibit learning skills in all courses.

This course emphasizes participation in a variety of physical activities that promote lifelong healthy active living. At the same time, the course will help students develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a commitment to a lifelong participation in physical activity. Students will be encouraged to pursue physical activities outside the school program for personal fitness, health, and enjoyment.

Overall Curriculum Expectation - all units are interrelated

Unit 1 Healthy and Active Living

  • What does it mean to live a healthy and active life? It means eating healthy and staying active. It means eating the foods we all love and the foods we all seem to not love (broccoli anyone?) and doing so in moderation. But it is more than that. Healthy is a state of mind, and students will start to see this in this unit.

  • Students investigate the impact of health issues on themselves and others while studying sexual and reproductive health, relationship violence, personal safety, and mental health. Students demonstrate an understanding of the strategies and skills required in making good decisions and setting goals. and managing stress. The connection between positive mental health and healthy relationships are examined and related to a healthy lifestyle.

Unit 2 Sexual Health and Diversity

  • Students develop strong understanding of their bodies, how they work, and invest time in learning more about sexual reproduction issues, medical breakthroughs in these, and in understanding sexual diversity.

  • They learn more about infertility, contraception and their role in relationships.

Unit 3 Mental Health

  • Mental health issues are more and more important after the advent of COVID-19 and the phase around the world of working and schooling from home.

  • To this end, students learn more about mental health, stress relief, seeking help, depression and other medical and psychological disorders. Students learn to deal with inconsistency, with grief and with the stress problems caused.

Unit 4 Risks and Conflict

  • Students learn more about the risks and conflict inherent in life and how to deal with them. Included in this mix are dealing with alcohol and drug abuse, abusive relationships, conflict resolution and making the right decisions for themselves and the bodies.

Unit 5 Everyday Health Wrap Up

  • This unit provides opportunities for students to practise, develop, and refine their movement skills and build their levels of fitness through physical activities that teach body management, control gymnastics, recreation/leisure activities, and track and field.of body rhythm, creativity, sequencing, composition, and stability.

  • Students develop their aesthetic understanding of movement through a variety of activities, of which they choose themselves, including dance, aquatics, fitness enhancers, weight training,

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