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FSF1O Core French

Open Course

Ministry of Education Course Title: Grade 9 Core French

Course Code: FSF1O

Grade Level: 9

Prerequisite: None

Department: French as a Second Language

Course Description:

Grade 9 Open French (FSF1O) is an introductory course for students who have little or no knowledge of French or who have not accumulated the minimum of 600 hours of elementary Core French instruction. Students will begin to understand and speak French in guided and structured interactive settings, and will develop fundamental skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing through discussing issues and situations that are relevant to their daily lives. Throughout the course, students will develop their awareness of diverse Frenchspeaking communities in Canada and acquire an understanding and appreciation of these communities. They will also develop a variety of skills necessary for lifelong language learning.


UNIT 1: Revision – 14 hours

In this unit, students will be reviewing and revising the grammar and vocabulary that is important to Grade 9 French that they did not learn in elementary school as they did not take elementary school French. Students will review common language structures often taught in early years of French language instruction. They will complete practice activities and discussions where they can share their level of French knowledge. They will be able to discuss and write short French sentence responses about: themselves, their routine daily, the weather and other common, everyday activities.

UNIT 2: Exprimer mes Experiences – 22 hours

In this unit, students will use passé composé to talk about their past experiences. They will also use the present tense to speak and write about what they are currently experiencing. They will engage in listening and speaking activities and learn about French-speaking communities around the world. They will be investing their time in learning a variety of vocabulary words and phrases that will help to develop their French language speaking and writing skills. In this regard, students will be completing a PPT Prezi on their city, exploring in French where they live; in addition, they will be culminating the unit by planning a vacation to a place of their choosing.

UNIT 3: Je lis des histoires fantastiques (25 hrs)

Students will dive into a variety of stories including the French fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast to exercise your reading and vocabulary skills. These beautifully illustrated stories allow them to improve their understanding and use of imparfait and adverbs. They will engage in discussions about the stories and their characters. They will also be reading about France, this beautiful country and all the wonderful stories and novels that this country has written.

UNIT 4: Mon Avis (25 hrs)

Through discussions and videos, students will learn different ways to share their opinions with others. They will be using both the past tense and present tense in doing so. Students will look at a variety of topics, issues and ideas around the world and create a short oral presentation wherein they argue their side on a chosen topic. Students are introduced to the Subjonctif et L’indicatif as well as Comparatif et Superlatif.

UNIT 5: Mon Avenir (22 hrs)

In the final unit, students will be looking at future tenses and reflexive verbs. They will be thinking about the future of their life, and developing two Goals they will strive for in the future. Students will also be developing their resume and cover letter en Francais. Finally, they will be making use of their writing skills learned throughout this course, to complete a short essay on their future.

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