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MAP4C Mathematics

Foundations for College Mathematics

College Prep.

Ministry of Education Course Title: Mathematics, Grade 12, College

Course Code: MAP4C                  

Grade Level: 12

Prerequisite: Foundations for College Mathematics, Grade 11, College Preparation, or Functions and Applications, Grade 11, University/College Preparation

Department: Mathematics

Course Description:

This course enables students to broaden their understanding of real-world applications of mathematics. Students will analyse data using statistical methods; solve problems involving applications of geometry and trigonometry; solve financial problems connected with annuities, budgets, and renting or owning accommodation; simplify expressions; and solve equations. Students will reason mathematically and communicate their thinking as they solve multi-step problems. This course prepares students for college programs in areas such as business, health sciences, and human services, and for certain skilled trades.

Total Time: 110 hours

Course Content

Unit 1 Mathematical Models

  1. evaluate powers with rational exponents, simplify algebraic expressions involving exponents, and solve problems involving exponential equations graphically and using common bases;
  2. describe trends based on the interpretation of graphs, compare graphs using initial conditions and rates of change, and solve problems by modelling relationships graphically and algebraically;
  3. make connections between formulas and linear, quadratic, and exponential relations, solve problems using formulas arising from real-world applications, and describe applications of mathematical modelling in various occupations.

Unit 2 Personal Finance

  1. demonstrate an understanding of annuities, including mortgages, and solve related problems using technology;
  2. gather, interpret, and compare information about owning or renting accommodation, and solve problems involving the associated costs;
  3. design, justify, and adjust budgets for individuals and families described in case studies, and describe applications of the mathematics of personal finance.

Unit 3 Geometry and Trigonometry

  1. solve problems involving measurement and geometry and arising from real-world applications;
  2. explain the significance of optimal dimensions in real-world applications, and determine optimal dimensions of two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional figures;
  3. solve problems using primary trigonometric ratios of acute and obtuse angles, the sine law, and the cosine law, including problems arising from real-world applications, and describe applications of trigonometry in various occupations.

Unit 4 Data Management

  1. collect, analyse, and summarize two-variable data using a variety of tools and strategies, and interpret and draw conclusions from the data;
  2. demonstrate an understanding of the applications of data management used by the media and the advertising industry and in various occupations.

Unit 5 Culminating Project

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