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University Prep.

Ministry of Education Course Title: Canadian and World Studies, Law, Grade 12, University Preparation

Course Code: CLN4U                  

Grade Level: 12

Prerequisite: Any university or university/college preparation course in Canadian and world studies, English, or social sciences and humanities.

Department: Canadian and World Studies

Course Description:

This course explores a range of contemporary legal issues and how they are addressed in both Canadian and international law. Students will develop an understanding of the principles of Canadian and international law and of issues related to human rights and freedoms, conflict resolution, and criminal, environmental, and workplace law, both in Canada and internationally. Students will apply the concepts of legal thinking and the legal studies inquiry process, and will develop legal reasoning skills, when investigating these and other issues in both Canadian and international contexts.

Total Time: 110 hours

Course Content

Unit 1 The Inquiry Process and Skill Development in Legal Studies

A1. The Inquiry Process in Legal Studies: use the legal studies inquiry process and the concepts of legal thinking when investigating legal issues in Canada and around the world, and issues relating to international law;
A2. Developing Transferable Skills: apply in everyday contexts skills developed through the study of law, and identify careers in which a background in law might be an asset.

Unit 2 Legal Foundations

B1. Principles of Law: identify foundational concepts and principles relating to law and explain their significance (FOCUS ON: Legal Significance)
B2. Legal Theory and Procedures: analyse how and to what extent various legal theories and procedures have influenced the Canadian and international legal systems (FOCUS ON: Interrelationships; Legal Perspective)
B3. Development of Law: explain various influences, including those of individuals and groups, on the development of Canadian and international law (FOCUS ON: Continuity and Change)

Unit 3 Rights and Freedoms

C1. Legal Principles of Human Rights Law: explain the principles underpinning human rights law and the legal significance of those laws, in Canada and internationally (FOCUS ON: Legal Significance)
C2. Development of Human Rights Law: analyse issues associated with the development of human rights law, in Canada and internationally (FOCUS ON: Continuity and Change)
C3. Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms: compare the roles of the legislative and judicial branches of government in protecting human rights and freedoms, with a particular emphasis on Canada (FOCUS ON: Legal Significance; Interrelationships; Legal Perspective)
C4. Contemporary Issues: analyse various contemporary issues in relation to their impact or potential impact on human rights law (FOCUS ON: Legal Perspective)

Unit 4 Foundations of International Law and Dispute Resolution

D1. Fundamentals of International Law: explain the legal importance of various key principles and issues in international law (FOCUS ON: Legal Significance)
D2. Development of International Law: analyse how various factors have influenced the development of international law (FOCUS ON: Legal Significance; Continuity and Change)
D3. Conflict and Cooperation: analyse how various agreements, treaties, and conventions in international law influence international conflict and cooperation (FOCUS ON: Legal Significance; Interrelationships; Legal Perspective)

Unit 5 International Legal Issues

E1. Criminal Law: analyse various key concepts, legal systems, and issues in criminal law, in Canada and internationally (FOCUS ON: Legal Significance; Interrelationships; Legal Perspective)
E2. Environmental Protection: analyse factors that influence the effectiveness of domestic and international environmental legislation (FOCUS ON: Continuity and Change; Legal Perspective)
E3. Workplace Legal Issues: analyse legal principles, systems, and processes used to protect various parties’ interests in the workplace, in Canada and internationally (FOCUS ON: Legal Significance; Interrelationships)
E4. Emerging Legal Issues: analyse emerging global issues and their implications for international law (FOCUS ON: Legal Perspective)

Unit 6 Culminating Project

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