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OIA Elite Program is not only designed to comprehensively prepare students for the rigorous requirements for entry into the world’s best universities, but is also dedicated to creating active citizens and maintaining an academically rigorous and challenging learning culture. It is an academic enhancement program that facilitates our students’ success via guidance in course selection, extra-curricular activity involvement, and career development consultation.


Additionally, OIA Elite Program provides various opportunities for academic and extra-curricular enrichment for our students, including Elite Courses, Challenge Courses, Student Clubs, and Volunteering opportunities. Our students are involved in various courses and activities which are selected with the guidance of counsellors in accordance to their goals, traits and interests.

A. Course Features

B. Sessional Dates

Study sessions for a school year start in September. There is a two week holiday period at the end of December, extending into early January. A second holiday break takes place in March. Each school year is completed in June.

C. Credit Transfer Policy

Grade in Home Country
Credits to be completed in Canada

Final approved transfer credits will be determined according to the transcript provided by the applicant and in accordance with the policies of the Ministry of Education of Ontario. Students will have the opportunity to register in ten credit courses in one school year at OIA.

D. Sessional Dates

First Semester:

Module 1

(September to October)

Second Semester:

Module 2

(November to December)

3rd Semester:

Module 3

(January to February)

Fourth Semester:

Module 4

(March to June)

E. Course Schedule



ESL (English as Secondary Language)


Foreign Language Mandarin (LKB)


Mathematics (MPM)

Mathematics (MCR)

Advanced Functions (MHF)

Calculus and Vector (MCV)

Data Management (MDM)


Science (SNC)

Physics (SPH)

Chemistry (SCH)

Biology (SBI)

Issue in Canadian Geography (CGC)

Computer Science (SCS)

Business Studies

Accounting (BAF)

International Business (BBB)

Business Leadership (BOH)

Introduction to Business (BBI)

Economics (CIA)

Social Studies

Civics (CHV)

Successful Living & Learning (HIF)

Career Studies (GLC)

History (CHC)


Visual Arts (AVI)

Dramatic Arts (ADA)

OIA has four semesters per year as follows:
  • First Semester: Module 1 (September to October) 
  • Second Semester: Module 2 (November to December)
  • Third Semester: Module 3 (January to February)
  • Fourth Semester: Module 4 (March to June) 

F. Elite activities

a. Tennis Course

Our professional tennis coach teaches students tennis movements and techniques, provides regular training, and guides interested students in participating in regional competitions. During the course, students not only learn about tennis as a social sport, but they also develop sportsmanship through long-term training that can be beneficial in dealing with life challenges.

b. Fencing

As one of the elite activity in OIA, fencing is a sport that integrates elegant physical motion with flexible techniques. Fencing requires the sportsman’s highest concentration, as well as exceptional body coordination. These classes help students improve their focus and reaction. The fencing class uses the same venues as the national team does, and is coached by international level professionals.

c. Basketball League

We offer chances for OIA students to join the game in highschool basketball league who are willing to prove their basketball skills and passion.

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