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Dining on Campus

OIA students are offered a diversified Chinese-Western style meal plan. Student residence offers breakfast, afternoon tea, dinner and midnight snacks. All meals are carried out as a self-serve buffet. The diversified Chinese-Western meal plan provides balanced nutrition to meet the different needs of students. 

For weekday lunches, students can freely choose and purchase their own lunch at the restaurants near the campus, which contain: Chinese food, Korean food, Japanese food, Indian food and Western food.

Our OIA students get 10%-15% student’s discount when they enjoy the lunch in below partner restaurants

The names of restaurants include:


Bap & Chan

Tan Da Ban

Cocoa Berry Cupcakes


Goobok Dumpling House

Love Me Sweet

Japanese Cheesecake

Muncheez Deli Creperie

Noodle – Seowon

Ocean Palate

On Wok

Pots and Pans

Sakura Sushi

Seasons Food Mart


Sushi Bong

Tea Shop 168

Uncle Don

Winner Barbeque Cuisine

Yasman Kabab

Tea Shop 168

Uncle Don

Winner Barbeque Cuisine

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