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After-School Tutoring

OIA pays attention to each student’s needs and their academic progress. To enrich the students’ learning experience and consolidate their learning  or to help develop English language skills, OIA operates a powerful after-school tutoring service that offers comprehensive bilingual tutoring sessions, IELTS and other language training sessions.

Tutoring courses:

One-on-one tutoring and mini-class after-school bilingual tutoring

language training courses:

Premium small classes, VIP one-on-one, personal
writing coaching, and personal oral speaking training.
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After-school Tutoring Features:

Part 1-Language Training

ESL Training and Tutoring

IELTS Academic & IELTS General Training

Outstanding International Academy provides a diversified IELTS training program. We make every effort to provide support for test takers with special needs. Our individualized tutoring allows personalized instruction to help with raising grades and scores in a short period of time.

COPE Training Program

Outstanding International Academy offers COPE, the training program to students applying to graduate or undergraduate admission at the University of Toronto. We have free trial classes, customized textbooks, free-updated handouts and techniques to teach the skills to ensure success with COPE testing. Our individualized tutoring allows personalized instruction to help with raising scores in a short period of time.

CELPIP Preparation Program

Our CELPIP Preparation Program has been designed to help test takers reach their target scores on their CELPIP Test. The program is offered in four skill modules providing individual attention to each of the CELPIP Test components: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Through our tailored tutoring, we will help students to improve their test performance and get their ideal scores to immigrate to Canada successfully.

Part 2-After School Tutoring for G3-G12

I. Grade 3 to Grade 8

Science Courses:

Language Courses:

Exam Prep Courses:

II. Grade 9 to Grade 12

A. Math Courses

Our teachers use our tailored math program to teach difficult math concepts, based on the current Ontario curriculum. Students will have extra homework or handout worksheets after each tutoring session. We take pride in our approach to improve our students’ math performance and influence them to become interested in learning math. Learning math has never been so fun and easy!

B. Language Courses
(English, French & Mandarin)

Our program in the language tutoring courses combine eastern and western culture, helping our students not only with having strong reading, writing and speaking skills, but also with using language to engage with the world. An unforgettable experience! Learning more happily!

C. Science Courses
(Biology, Chemistry and Physics)

Our teachers use our tailored science program to teach Biology, Chemistry and Physics, based on the current Ontario curriculum. Students will have extra homework or handout worksheets after each tutoring session. Our workbooks include complete reviews of concepts, new materials, and frequent testing questions. Through small group tutoring, we help students understand the nuances of each concept and be able to solve complex problems. Every student can develop a love for learning science.

D. English Reading & Writing Courses

These customized English Reading & Writing classes identify and target weak areas in reading and writing skills in order to maximize achievement, and to bolster students’ reading, writing, and thinking skills. Every student can achieve their full potential.

E. Exam Prep Courses

Our exam prep courses will guide students through the exam process successfully. Courses include: SSAT, SAT, Math Competition, EQAO Prep, ESL Prep and Portfolio Prep. 

Part 3-High School Credit Courses

All high school credit programs are uniquely tailored and balanced to each student’s needs, from students looking for a more challenging environment, to students seeking the promise of success. Satisfying grades are attainable if a student maintains a daily effort, studies hard and seeks extra help or tutoring if required.



Computer Science:



Social Science:


Each semester lasts two months. All courses contain 110 hours. Students can choose the courses according to their needs. Please call us to enquire about our latest course schedule.

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