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The internationally-established language of the skies

This course is intended for students aiming to start their training for an exciting career as a pilot. Our unique Aviation English Course gives students a deeper understanding of the world of flying and helps them master their comprehension of aviation terminology.


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Aviation English

mproving language skills has become such a concern that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has mandated that all commercial pilots flying international routes meet standards for English language proficiency. The course prepares pilots to reach and surpass ICAO Level 4 "Operational" English proficiency.

University Placement
80 hours of instruction(4 hours per week) for 15 weeks

Aviation English

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What is Aviation English?

Aviation English is the internationally-established language of the skies. With the expansion of air travel during the 20th century, concerns about the ability of pilots and air traffic controllers to communicate effectively across cultures and languages arose. Aviation English exams have become a requirement for all pilots involved in international flight, including native English speakers.


Why it is a Requirement?

Some of the deadliest accidents in aviation history have been caused by language barriers and miscommunications. Aviation English was created as a dialect that – when used correctly – is entirely free of ambiguities and can help avoid these types of tragedies.


Are there different levels of proficiency?

The short answer is yes. Before becoming a pilot, candidates must take an Aviation English proficiency exam. They are evaluated on their pronunciation, sentence structure, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and interactions with others. They must show that they have at least an intermediary level of English knowledge, known as “Operational Level 4.”


What are some terms used in the skies?

You can try learning some of the jargon used in-flight. Here are a few terms to get you started:

Standby: This means exactly what you think… “please wait.”
Wilco: An abbreviation of the words ‘will comply,’ wilco means that pilot has heard the message and plans to comply.

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