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(English as a second language)

English as a second language (ESL) is set in accordance with the curriculum regulations of the Ministry of Education of Ontario. The learning contents cover four important areas of English – listening, speaking, reading and writing, and the improvement of language skills and learning skills is emphasized. It is divided into five levels: ESLAO, ESLBO, ESLCO, ESLDO and ESLEO.

Outstanding International Academy conducts an English proficiency test upon admission and assesses students’ ESL level based on the test results. When students reach level D in ESL, they can take both ESL and Ontario high school level courses. At the same time, excellence international college actively encourages students to make progress. In the ESL courses, if students perform well during the study period, and their final comprehensive score is above 85 points, the teacher will recommend them to skip an ESL level.

If students present an original score of IBT TOEFL (above 76) or IELTS (above 6.0) within two years before admission, ESL courses are exempted and students can directly choose a Grade 11 English course.

ESL curriculum advantages

Through the ESL lessons, students will:

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